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Raccoons. We’ve been dealing with raccoons and trapping raccoons for over 30 years and nuisance situations in Michigan The most common situation we deal with is when they gain access to houses during the winter, before the breeding season. They’re looking for a secure place to have their young. So what they do is they’ll access by overhanging lamb, they’ll access by downspout the punch a hole in a dormer to a hole in the roof.

And then they go the furthest possible place they can from there to make sure the young they’re going to have are safe and secure. There are number one predator in Michigan for their young is coyotes. So they try to stay as far away and secure as they can, but there’s not a lot of things that eat them. Other raccoons male raccoons will.

They’ll kill young, but it’s not as common as other predators and issues. When we deal with raccoons, there is a window of time that we do not trap them because the babies we know are born. But otherwise, before that and after that, if they are in your attic, we can trap them. And we have other solutions offer to if they have young to encourage them to leave.

Give us a call today. We’ve been doing raccoons and removing them for a very long time. And we can definitely help you.

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