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Ant species of all the species deal with in Michigan, there are three their most common pavement ants and sugar
ants, acrobat ants and carpenter ants.

Most people that deal with carpenter ants do not have the massing in their home. They’re just foraging for food. That happens in spring primarily. And we have chemicals, a way to treat them that will eliminate them and stop their path from getting in your home. Acrobat ants tend to access high from tree limbs, things like that.
They’re called acrobat ants because of how they act, and you can see how they work and travel from different places up high. They also the hollow out wood. They don’t eat it. They master it. So if you find France, which is finally shaved woods, that’s where it’s going to be.

Pavement ants are the small ones that people get in their kitchens.They call them sugar ants. Some people have multiple names for them. We call them paper and answer sugar and they come up through the cracks in your foundation. They live in Sandy soil conditions
and you’ll see them in your kitchen. Quite honestly, they’re foraging for food. There are multiple ways that we can treat for all of these ants. And we specialize in wood destroying parts which fall under the categories car parents and acrobat ants fall under both of those. Give us a call today about your preventative or eliminating

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