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Mice are the most one of the most common things we get called for. There’s multiple ways you can prevent mice from getting in your home. But you can’t completely eliminate them by sealing your home up. Usually it’s preventative rodenticide programs or trapping them out of your house. We do everything and we offer custom solutions for mice problems.

They get in people. A lot of times in the winter, people hear scratching their ceilings. Mice tend to go up high to where the heat rises and dig underneath insulation It’s very common. We can trap them out or use rodenticides. But no matter what, we can get rid of them. Rats are another issue. We don’t deal with a ton of them.

Residentially but most of our shops, commercial grain mills, chicken farms, things people have poultry operations, stuff like that. We do have a ton of rats. Rats are pretty intelligent, smart. You can trap them for a while until they figure out that the traps are actually killing them. Then they’ll learn how to spring and take bait. We have combination long use for downside, short use, rodenticides and trapping.

We can eliminate any rat problem. Give us a call for a free quote today on either rat removal, mice removal, or prevention of both.

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