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Eastern ground moles are the most common mall in Michigan. Generally, we get calls from moles. People tell me they have tons of moles tearing their yard up. That’s simply not true. Want one mole can do. 200 feet of surface damage a night when generally they see moles in their yard pop up. It’s usually first year in spring when girls start to come out of the soil and then the fall.

They see a lot of activity, too. In the summer, when it’s dry, they tend to go deeper until we get rain events. But they’re in your yard looking for two things. Grubs people think is the number one food source. Earthworms is their primary food source. So you can eliminate your drug problem, but it’s not necessarily going to eliminate your mole problem.

We’ve been trapping Eastern ground moles for over 30 years in Michigan. We have traps that we’ve taken and modified from the industry and the way we set them, we guarantee we will catch them if they are there. Give us a call today to schedule your free quota inspection on moles or check out one of our packages we feature online for seasonal mole control.

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