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Red Squirrels

Red squirrels are the most destructive thing that we deal with in Michigan. They can access your roof multiple ways, generate from overhanging limbs, and then they’ll just chew a hole if they want to, to get in your house. Sometimes there’s openings. Sometimes they create openings. It doesn’t matter either way. I’ve seen that you directly through vinyl siding through decking, OSB plywood and just get straight into attics and walls.

There are multiple ways that we can address red squirrel issues, but once they get into attics, they do all kinds of damage I’ve seen houses with wiring completely stripped of conduit. I’ve seen trusses chewed almost in half. You name it, a squirrel. This small can do more damage than you could imagine. We have multiple ways to remove and trap them, and then we have multiple ways that we can advise you on how to eliminate that from happening again or at least minimize it.

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