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What We Do with Skunks in Michigan

Generally, what we do with skunks in Michigan, people call because they smell a strong smell, a skunk sprayed near their home or their dog got sprayed that’s another common call we get. Skunks are fairly nomadic in Michigan, so they’ll stop at multiple places over a week’s course. They don’t necessarily live in the same place all the time. They usually just pass through looking for food sources.

Skunks will dig up yards. You’ll see corn shaped holes in the yard, and that starts digging up grubs in their yard. They’re omnivores. They eat a lot of different things. Generally, I tell people, unless they were living on your property, trapping them is a long game. You don’t know when they’re going to come back. They might just be traveling through to efficiently traps, skunks.

You have to know the source and where they’re located at. And we specialize in that. They do tend to use their animals of convenience, so they’ll use old holes from other animals that get our needs utility sheds in people’s backyards. But there’s a lot of different facets to go into how to trap and trap more sufficiently. They’re usually the first thing out in the spring too, in the winter.

Give us a call today. We can custom or give you a custom quote for any kind of skunk removal you may need.


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