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Paper Wasps

Paper was not to be confused with yellow jackets, paper wasps or the open face combs that you see hanging up on the bottom side. Of your overhangs and overhangs and eaves in the warm part of the year. They will talk in behind signing, and I get people to call me in the winter about them, but they’re generally not a problem.

You can do certain treatments at that time of year in the winter spot treatments just to kill them, crack and crevice. But the biggest point to eliminate them is the outside of your house. Regular treatment during the warm season we primarily deal with them in May through the end of the summer. When it gets cold, the next just continues to grow.

But they’re not as aggressive as a yellow jacket per se. Somewhere yellow in color. Some are brown in color, but they all have an open, faint, open facing. Next, we’ll see in the bottom side of the eaves and overhangs. Give us a call today for a general pest quote for the general pest program. We can definitely help you with your paper loss issues.

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